Get it together, Sister

Planning your day when you have a child/children is seldom easy.  Making sure each and every minute of the day can be critical to the success of a busy moms world.  Simply plugging events into your phone may not always suffice.  However, if even one of those balls a mom is juggling gets dropped; for example, leaving your child at band practice too long, (Which I have never done), then God help us all.

I just wonder what some of you moms think about scheduling and planning. What methods of keeping track and/or organizing do you use? I just recently bought a MAMBI planner, thank you so much to the people who created these beautiful planners. I will begin using this as a hobby. I think of it as a little bit of a double header, I will get organized and have something to do just for me.




I want to share some of mine.  I don’t think I’m the only one, but I am going to share this about me.  Sometimes I just feel lonely. I am trying to learn how to not have anything to do.  I have spent so much of the last fifteen years of my life wrapped up in my children.   I am finding it difficult to just not have anything to do.  They don’t always need me.  They want to watch their own TV shows. They want to eat when they are ready. They lay in their rooms and text their friends instead of sitting at the end of my bed holding on to every word I say.  

My girls are self sufficient.  They are teenagers  .  We talked about this in church on Sunday that I need to let go and begin the process of giving them back to God and allowing them to make their own mistakes, within reason of course.   This is difficult for me. I have my feet propped up on my bed sitting beside it and I was trying to figure out what I could go do.  

If I try to talk to the gitls, the headphones drown me out.  Their friends have taken up that spare time that I used to fill in their lives.  It was so nice to go Friday and have a massage. It was like the lady beat me up though, but it was good.  Just means I need to get more of them.   

Today I want to take some time and pray. I am praying for people in Houston Texas.  I am praying that my children will make all of the decisions that are in line with what I have taught them and with what is pleasing to God.  I pray that I pick up a hobby.  I’ll keep you all informed.

~love and blessings ~


Time to relax! Nope. Not gonna happen. It is just the worst when you get to work only to realize that you have a child at home in the process of oversleeping. Is there any mom besides me that sometimes wishes the holiday only applies to you on your job?  I mean to have just one day at home when the children still have to go to school. Wouldn’t that just be grand? I thought so.  Is that just a moms very impossible fantasy? Well back to the real world.

I had to go to the store yesterday for toiletries. That is a chore. I went to Target, its so nice in there. When you go there, you certainly pay for the cleanliness, the lack of waiting in long lines, and just the overall nice environment.  This makes me think of a conversation that a co-worker and I were having about steals and deals. I know couponing has been really big in most recent years, but who has time for that. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried it. I mean the binders, purchasing seven or eight papers every week, and even downloading the apps that allow you to print multiples right to your home. That is for the birds. I just cannot. Please if you can share with me some secrets that you have for getting by. I know for myself, three days before pay day, I am emptying my piggy bank from time to time. What do you moms do, just to make it through. #livingpaychecktopaycheck.


~love and blessings~

Making the Date

So good morning everyone. I just wanted take some time to talk about scheduling. Does anyone else besides me, which I am sure plenty do, feel like they are always running? What I mean by that is that you always feel like you are in a hurry. When you take time to plan your weekly schedule, you can put in the grocery store, bible study, meditation time, yoga class, and even all of the children’s many appointments and practices.  You calendar is color coded, stickers match the events, and you have everything timed; except you.

You miss time for yourself. We all need time to stop and take a breath.  I just recently realized that taking a bath or drinking your first cup of coffee for the morning, just to wake up, should not be my time to breath. Time spent doing nothing seems like a thing of the past for us busy mothers.   Looking at the news and seeing what is going on in the world today, makes me realize just how short life is.

Ladies make sure that you take some time for yourselves. Please know that just because you have children and duties at home and at work does not mean that you cannot spoil yourself.  Take it from me these are lessons that I am learning for myself.


~love and blessings~


Can I ask a question?  What do you feed your children? Not emotionally or spiritually; but actually feed them.  Has anyone gone through the decision to change their diets?  Switching an entire family from a full diet to Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleolithic, Low Carb, or even Gluten has been a difficult decision for me.  Can anyone venture any suggestions on how to change children who have been eating, what most would consider a regular diet, for their entire lives?  Let me know what you think.  

Good Morning Moms

It’s my birthday, at least it was yesterday. What does that mean for a mom? What does it mean for a single mom? That is not a rhetorical question. The answer is nothing at all.  It means in the morning I still get up at 5:30 am, drink my first of many cups of coffee, fuss at the children to wake up, and you know someone has to put on something dirty. Why do they do that? Moving on, We have to make sure the kids get out the door on time, heaven forbid they miss the bus.

So we get to work and school and things are good, right? Yes, until moms phone rings and it’s is Nyela. “Mom, my schedule still isn’t changed!” Yay, more work for me.  I walked through the day slightly in a fog. I felt like I was missing something or forgetting to do something.  Checking my life “grocery list” to ensure everything is done is a daily occurrence for me. I am certain I am not the only mom who does that.

Lovely ladies, I pray that you all enjoy your day everyday. Take some time out to do one thing for yourself. No matter what your current situation is, make room for mom.  I love you all.



I realize that everything that I do, is for my children. I gave them life. I loved them. I moved away from danger.  I fought for their freedom. I realize I have done it all for them.

I live my days worrying, biting my fingernails. Trying to figure out when I have done enough to make sure they are good.  Your kids are your world and it’s easy to get lost in that fact. 

There are times when I second guess myself.  I wonder when they get in trouble, “have I failed them in some way?” I am slowly as they are becoming teenagers, able to answer that with little doubt. 

My job is and has always been one simple task; love.  What do I mean by that? Within the L-word, that some people are afraid of, is a lot of responsibility.  Loving someone means going the extra mile for them. It consists of late nights, holding the hair of a child saluting the porcelain gods after too many slices of pizza at the birthday party they went to.  It means getting up early Saturday morning reading the scholastic books, you paid an arm and a leg for? Don’t forget staying up late Saturday night because you are combing that hair for church on Sunday.

I realize something, whether I try or not, I am an amazing mom, because I love my kids and that’s all they need.